The Peaks in Monterrazas de Cebu




Rising over a thousand feet above sea level. An eminence commanding Cebu, Mactan and Bohol. Straddling eight hills looking out to the east. Hidden for generations.The Peaks and The Peaks Central.


The last, and the largest of any contiguous mountain property available in the heart of Cebu City. Unparalleled. Exclusive. And absolutely magnificent. Monterrazas is like no other.


Shared passions. A circle defined by taste. Perspectives befitting royalty. Thrive in an environment with a truly global lifestyle. This is where the love for life brings people together.

Monterrazas de Cebu CRS25 Realty-1


A rare gem kept with the Villalon family for generations, this is the last and largest of any contiguous mountain property in the heart of Cebu City. Rising majestically in Guadalupe with a commanding view of the Cebu, Mactan and Bohol, Monterrazas de Cebu is envisioned to be the premier residential community of the Queen City.


In what is probably the last of its kind in Cebu, the land on which Monterrazas was to be created had to be nothing short of spectacular. It was after all meant to be the crowning glory of the Queen City. Everyone in the project agreed: this would be the landmark that the whole of Cebu would be proud of.


Monterrazas de Cebu aims to ensure the creation of communities with shared passions and tastes to provide real estate options every discriminating lifestyle deserves. Taking note of the global significance of Cebu, Monterrazas de Cebu will also feature condominiums, townhouses and house and lots. To ensure that every need and whim in the future will be satisfied, the masterplan provides for commercial lots and spaces for business, service and convenience stores, schools and healthcare facilities.

Monterrazas de Cebu CRS25 Realty-7


  • Resort type clubhouses at The Peaks
  • Multi-sport courts
  • Trails for walking or jogging
  • Clustered communities
  • Scenic view deck
  • Playgrounds and pocket parks
  • Leisure areas
  • Village administration
  • Village town centres
  • Cluster gates and guardhouses
  • Commercial areas
  • Fully concreted road network
  • Electrical distribution system
  • Centralized water distribution network
  • Integrated drainage system
  • Telecommunication and cable TV network
  • Professionally managed maintenance
  • 24 hour security services
  • Minimal ecological disturbance
  • Nature protection provisions

Monterrazas de Cebu CRS25 Realty-6

 LAST UPDATE ( February 3, 2016) 

Block 1
Lot Area: 642 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:9,533,700.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:10,677,744.00

Block 1
Lot Area: 797sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:11,835,450.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:13,255,704.00

Block 1
Lot Area: 896 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:13,305,600.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:14,902,272.00

Block 2
Lot Area: 726 sqm
Price Exclussive of VAT:11,764,830.00
Price Inclussive of VAT:13,176,609.60

Block 2
Lot Area: 741 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:12,007,905.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:13,448,853.60

Block 2
Lot Area: 838 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:13,579,790.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:15,209,364.80

Block 1-A
Lot Area: 473 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:5,853,375.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:6,555,780.00

Block 1-A
Lot Area: 528 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT:6,534,000.00
Price Inclusive of VAT:7,318,080.00

Block 1-A
Lot Area: 501 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 6,199,875.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 6,943,860.00

Block 3-A
Lot Area: 1,071 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 18,943,848.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 21,217,109.76

Block 3-A
Lot Area: 908 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 16,060,704.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 17,987,988.48

Block 3-A
Lot Area: 857 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 15,158,616.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 16,977,649.92

Block 5 ( central )
Lot Area: 745 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 13,922,560.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 15,593,267.20

Block 5 ( central )
Lot Area: 713 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 13,324,544.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 14,923,489.28

Block 5 ( central )
Lot Area: 718 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 13,417,984.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 15,028,142.08

Block 7 ( central )
Lot Area: 881 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 15,583,128.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 17,453,103.36

Block 7 ( central )
Lot Area: 701 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 13,100,288.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 14,672,322.56

Block 2 ( central )
Lot Area: 583 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 9,779,168.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 10,952,668.16

Block 2 ( central )
Lot Area: 593 sqm
Price Exclusive of VAT: 9,895,984.00
Price Inclusive of VAT: 11,083,502.08

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