Lot for sale in Talamban Cebu, Riverdale Subdivision



The groundwork for creating this visionary master-planned community had long begun with the complete development of Riverdale estate, a sprawling 13-hectare community set against the panoramic hills of Talamban. Perched on some of the highest terrains, Riverdale boasts of spectacular views and nature’s vistas as the whole development had been carefully planted with hundreds of evergreens and pine trees.

Riverdale features Southern American-themed Jewel homes in styles and colors that would make your heart swoon with delight – canary yellow, powder blue, and mint green accentuated with thoughtful architectural details in white.

Riverdale is also ideal for future investment as it offers lot only options.


Lot area: 135 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 1,990,913..00
Reservation: Php 15,000.00

Lot area: 322 sqm
Lot category: Peak Park Primer
Price: Php 4,905,180.00
Reservation: Php 40,000.00

Lot area: 425 sqm
Lot category: Peal Park Prime
Price: Php 6,469,750.00
Reservation: Php 50,000.00

Lot area: 615 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 9,9355,850.00
Reservation: Php 50,000.00

Lot area: 731 sqm
Lot category: Coner
Price: Php 11,117,890.00
Reservation: Php 50,000.00

Lot area: 740 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 11,254,600
Reservation: Php 50,000.00

Lot area: 310 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 4,722,900
Reservation: Php 40,000.00

Lot area: 239 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 3,644,410
Reservation: Php 30,000.00

Lot area: 229 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 3,492,510.00
Reservation: Php 30,000.00

Lot area: 442 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 6,727,980.00
Reservation: Php 50,000.00

Lot area: 280 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 4,267,200.00
Reservation: Php 40,000.00

Lot area: 321 sqm
Lot category: Regular
Price: Php 4,889,990.00
Reservation: Php 40,000.00


Option 1: Spot Cash with 8% discount within 7 days of Reservation

Option 2: Deferred Cash within 24 months

Option 3: 30% Down-payment for 24 months
70% thru Bank Financing

Option 4: In-house Financing
30% Down-payment for 24 months
70% In-house Financing
… 10 years @18% p.a.
… 15 years @19% p.a

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