Lot for sale in Mandaue Cebu, French Highland Subdivision



Tranquil home address. The French Highlands is a subdivision inside Vera Estates. The first of four residential enclaves located at an elevated area which is overlooking the city. Situated on the sprawling greenery of the northern part of Metro Cebu, Vera Estates offers a tranquil home address while still promising an active commercial district.

French Highland Lot in Cebu-CRS25 Realty-8

Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the French countryside is The French Highlands, Phase 2 of Vera Estates. Among the French-inspired elements in the commune are walkways and landscaping that mirror the majesty of the gardens and courtyards of French palaces and a clock tower that is straight out of old-world France. Have coffee outside and take in the idyllic atmosphere then retreat to your home where French sensibilities merge with cozy functionalities. Come to Vera. Home to the astutely refined.




Lot Area: 238 sqm
Price: Php 5,462,614.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 228 sqm
Price: Php 5,233,092.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 228 sqm
Price: Php 5,142,804.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 298 sqm
Price: Php 6,957,752.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 318 sqm
Price: Php 7,424,715.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 608 sqm
Price: Php 13,714,145.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 518 sqm
Price: Php 11,684,091.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 558 sqm
Price: Php 12,586,337.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)


Lot Area: 409 sqm
Price: Php 9,657,373.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 299 sqm
Price: Php 7,060,036.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 269 sqm
Price: Php 6,174,131.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 438 sqm
Price: Php 10,053,046.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 317 sqm
Price: Php 7,401,367.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)


Lot Area: 301 sqm
Price: Php 6,988,064.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 308 sqm
Price: Php 7,394,513.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 262 sqm
Price: Php 6,082,634.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 362 sqm
Price: Php 8,165,330.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 249 sqm
Price: Php 5,715,088.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)


French Highland Lot in Cebu-CRS25 Realty-5


  • Wide Roads, 20-meter Right-Of-Way Main Road.
  • Fully Landscaped Entrance
  • Fully Fenced Perimeter
  • Central Clubhouse with Swimming Pool
  • Community Chapel
  • Landscaped Parks and Playgrounds
  • Street Lights
  • Jogging Trails
  • Bike Lanes
  • Water Features and Lagoons
  • Tree-Lined Roads
  • Concrete Roads, Sidewalks and Curbs
  • Separate Storm and Sewer Drainage System
  • MCWD Water Source
  • VECO Electrical Power Supply
  • Underground Power Service Connection to the Houses
  • Telephone Lines and Cable TV Lines (Subject to utility company’s expansion program)
  • The French Highlands is a subdivision inside Vera Estates. The first of four residential enclaves



  • Reservation Fee: Php 100,000.00
  • Option 1: Spot Cash with 5% Discount
  • Option 2: Straight 24 Months
  • Option 3: 20% Down Payment ( spot with 5% Discount)
    20% Down Payment ( 12 months to Pay)
    80% Bank Financing


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